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    Le Creuset Stoneware Egg Cup

    Le Creuset Stoneware Egg Cup. Simple elegant design in multiple colours, this egg cup adds colour to your kitchen and breakfasts.

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    Joseph Joseph Catcher

    Keep the pips out of your homemade lemon meringue pie (or any other recipe requiring citrus juice) with this clever adaptation of a classic tool. With conventional hand reamers the extracted juice needs to be strained before use, to remove any unwanted pips and fruit pulp. The design of the Catcher™ helps eliminate this problem with its soft rubber cup...

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    Joseph Joseph Shred-Line garlic and ginger grater

    Make homemade garlic or ginger paste quickly and easily with this handy grater, the stainless steel tool makes short work of garlic cloves and fibrous ginger roots creating a pulp for adding to your favourite meals. Shred-Line™ uses sharp, double-action cutting teeth to grate your ingredients while its smooth stainless steel surface makes removing the...

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    Le Creuset Stoneware Berry Jam Jar with Silicone Spreader

    Le Creuset’s stylish Stoneware Preserve Jars will add a splash of colour to your table whether for an indulgent breakfast or a convivial gathering with friends and family. The Berry Jam Jar has a capacity of 0.45 litres and comes with an easy-grip notched lid and colour co-ordinated silicone spreader. The jar features an embossed decoration on the...

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    Joie MSC Split Egg separator

    Joie's Split Egg Separator makes egg separating simple. This egg separator clips on to the side of most bowls or mugs for hands-free ease. Handy egg handle. A must have for every kitchen. Dishwasher safe.

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    Joie MSC Egghead egg cup & spoon

    This cute little plastic egg cup will provide the perfect nest for your boiled egg and has a matching spoon to ensure your day gets off to an eggcellent start. Great for use by kids and adults alike. Egg cups feature a footed design for stability. Spoons have chunky easy to hold handles.

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    Joie Monkey Banana pod

    Monkey babana pod. Protecting bananas in style. Prevents bruising bananas on the go.

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    Lékué Mini baguette mould

    Ideal for your baguette sandwiches. Includes a gluten free bread recipe. Easy to use, the mould has optimal flexibility and stability, guaranteeing maximum safety when handling. Easy to take out of its mould and non-stick. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the...

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    Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Fish Lifter

    The perfect kitchen tool for straining and serving fish, this World of Flavours wide slotted fish lifter features an extra long handle making it ideal for serving fish and asparagus.

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    Joie MSC Slicey Egg slicer

    Chicken design - fun for all ages! The wire blades come down and slice your eggs perfectly every time! Easily create evenly sliced eggs with this slicer made of durable plastic with stainless steel bladess. Can be used for strawberries, mushrooms and soft cheeses....the list is endless!

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    Lékué Non Spill Roll Cake Mat

    The Roll Cake is a flexible, non-stick mat with non-spill borders, intended for pouring in the recipe ingredients and rolling them into a compact form in the shape of a typical sweet or savoury layered cake roll. The borders make it useful as a baking surface for even the most liquid recipes, with no spilling, keeping the dough while it is baked. You will...

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    Joseph Joseph Multi-peel-Julienne Peeler

    Multi-peel™ - Julienne Peeler, is a comprehensive range of four highly-effective peelers. Each tool has a high quality stainless-steel blade, multiple added functions and ergonomic, easy-grip handles. The range includes two different straight-bladed peelers for everyday use, a serrated peeler for soft skinned fruit or vegetables and a julienne peeler for...

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    Joie MSC Boiley Microwave egg boiler

    Joie MSC boiley microwave egg boiler cook exceptional eggs every time. Cooks soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs. Boils eggs in 3-5 minutes depending upon egg size, microwave wattage and how you like your egg. Without any messy eggsplosions, simple to use, easy to clean. Should not be used in Microwave ovens over 1000W.

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    DMD Stainless Steel Mini Gem Salt and Pepper Mill Set

    David Masons mini stainless steel salt and pepper set, ideal for travel as you can take them anywhere. They would also be great for bbq's and other general use. Both of these mills stand at an incredible 5,5cm.

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  • Lékué Iconic Pencil ice cream mould Lékué Iconic Pencil ice cream mould
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    Lékué Iconic Pencil ice cream mould

    Now you can enjoy the most famous Pencil ice creams but made with natural ingredients. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more stable refilling. Lid to protect ice cream from freezer odours and flavours. It includes easy recipes - including lactose-free recipes - and a stick for each mould. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone,...

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  • Lékué Iconic Jet ice cream mould Lékué Iconic Jet ice cream mould
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    Lékué Iconic Jet ice cream mould

    Now you can enjoy the most famous Jet ice creams but made with natural ingredients. Their horizontal position allows for easier and more stable refilling. Lid to protect ice cream from freezer odours and flavours. It includes easy recipes - including lactose-free recipes - and a stick for each mould. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone,...

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    Le Creuset stoneware Mortar with Pestle Cherry

    The Le Creuset Mortar & Pestle features a unique clay mixture which creates a very dense material when fired, maintaining even temperatures and preventing scorching. Resistant to staining and flavour/odour absorption. Mortars have been used around the world for centuries, from Asia and Europe to the earliest populations of North and South America. The...

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    Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine

    The Imperia chromium-plated steel pasta machine is precision engineered in Italy, sturdy and built to last. With the Imperia and its 'Duplex' cutter, you can make pasta dough in 6 different thicknesses and two types of pasta: tagliatelle and fettuccine. Using the accessories of the Imperia (to be purchased separately), you will be able to prepare a vast...

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    Joie Monkey Banana Stands

    Joie Monkey Banana Stands. Ripen bananas evenly in style. Keeping bananas on the tree prevents bruising and promotes even ripening.

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    Lékué Sandwich Bread

    Bread is a basic food need. It is low in fat and high in fibre, it provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Prepare authentic Sandwich Bread at home and enjoy its traditional taste, soft texture and golden colour. Knead the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the mould. Leave to prove, bake, and enjoy your soft, home-made sandwich bread...

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    Lékué Macaron Mat

    Silicone baking sheet with marks and edges to make French macarons. It takes advantage of space in the oven and ensures the macarons are perfectly shaped and the same size. Practical, you obtain 24 macarons (48 halves) with one baking sheet. Easy recipes designed specifically for the baking sheet and available on the web. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free...

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    Kitchen Craft Fish Bone Remover

    Easily remove fish bones with this stylish, flat sided, stainless steel, odour resistant pincer tongs for practical and simple removal. Dishwasher safe.

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Stainless Steel Fish Bone Remover

    Comfortably and easily remove fish bones using this stylish fish shaped stainless steel pincer tongs. Easy to clean, the stainless steel is also resistant to odours.

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    Joseph Joseph Spiro 3 in 1 spiralizer

    Create exciting healthy dishes in minutes with our compact, self-containing spiralizer. The hand-held design keeps mess to a minimum collecting food as you cut it and makes spiralizing a whole range of vegetables super neat and easy. Spiro comes with two styles of spiralizing blade- coarse and fine- for different noodle thicknesses plus a handy grating...

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