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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Crusty Bake Non-Stick Loaf Pan

    Ideal for making your own delicious bread, home made meat loaf, fruit loaf and pâté. With perforations along the base and side to remove moisture, use this loaf pan to create the perfect golden-brown, crisp crust! The tiny holes allow excess moisture to escape from your dough and the hot air from your oven to circulate more evenly. This leaves you with a...

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    Lékué Sandwich Bread

    Bread is a basic food need. It is low in fat and high in fibre, it provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Prepare authentic Sandwich Bread at home and enjoy its traditional taste, soft texture and golden colour. Knead the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the mould. Leave to prove, bake, and enjoy your soft, home-made sandwich bread...

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    Lékué Bread Maker

    Using the Lékué Bread Maker you will be able to enjoy the traditional taste of real homemade, crusty and golden bread. Weigh, knead and bake in the same container! Thanks to its versatility, you will be able to bake bread in the traditional way using just one recipient in a cleaner way, saving time and space. Its design as a partially closed bowl, allows...

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    Lékué Round Bread Rolls

    6 bread rolls in only one bake! Enjoy home-made mini bread rolls for breakfast, snacks or to accompany your meal. The micro-perforated mould enables you cool the bread inside the mould, without the base of the bread getting wet or becoming soft. You get a crispy bread crust on all sides. Includes delicious bread recipes, even a gluten free one!...

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Non-Stick Box Sided Loaf Pan

    Ideal for making your own delicious bread, home made meat loaf, fruit loaf and pâté. Made from carbon steel, with a double non-stick Quantum2 coating - BPA, PFOA and PTFE (teflon) free - and part of the Master Class award winning collection that guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking. Dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer safe.

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    Lékué 6 mini bread mould

    Prepare home-made mini breads with the ingredients you desire. The Lékué Mini Bread mould makes up to 6 buns in a single bake, the dough is perfectly baked which result in a crunchy texture and golden finish. Includes recipes for bread. Just put in the dough so the bread will come out the perfect shape for appetizers that will surprise your guests. Made...

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    Lékué Tarte Tatin Springform Duo

    The easiest way to make a tarte tatin! The ceramic plate fits onto the silicone mould to make it easier, safer and effortless to flip the cake over. The scratch proof ceramic base is the perfect oven to tableware, with a wide border to prevent food from overflowing. Oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Instruction and recipe leaflet included....

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Crusty Bake Non-Stick Baguette...

    Ideal for cooking fresh French baguettes from dough or warming pre-cooked baguettes, nothing quite beats the smell of freshly baked bread. Featuring perforated holes for air circulation, you can guarantee a crispier crust to the baguette with the double non-stick coating ensuring that you can easily remove the finished baking beauty once complete! The...

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Twin Pack - Non-Stick Roasting...

    This set is ideal if you’re looking to upgrade your existing baking equipment, or are looking for a high-quality bakeware pack to get you started. The set includes a non-stick roasting pan (38x28x7cm), great for family-sized roasts, and a square baking tin (23x23x4cm), great to make manageable portions of brownies and other traybakes, as well as a rich...

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  • Lékué 9 mini bread loaf mould Lékué 9 mini bread loaf mould
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    Lékué 9 mini bread loaf mould

    Make up to nine rectangular breads in a single mould in a single batch in the oven. It has never been easier to enjoy different varieties of bread at home and to prepare tasty, fun and original appetizers, since they are the perfect size. It includes two bread recipes. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or...

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  • Lékué Mini baguette mould Lékué Mini baguette mould
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    Lékué Mini baguette mould

    Ideal for your baguette sandwiches. Includes a gluten free bread recipe. Easy to use, the mould has optimal flexibility and stability, guaranteeing maximum safety when handling. Easy to take out of its mould and non-stick. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the...

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  • Emile Henry Bread Cloche Emile Henry Bread Cloche
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    Emile Henry Bread Cloche

    The result of 2 years of research, our Bread Cloche will quickly become your best friend ! The rounded shape of the cloche is identical to a traditional domed bread oven, to ensure that your bread has the required level of humidity during the cooking process. Our innovative refractory ceramic will enable you to get a nice, thick crust with a firm, light...

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