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    OXO Good Grips Microwave Egg Cooker

    Weekday breakfast leaving you cold? Our Microwave Egg Cooker lets you make scrambled or fried eggs for breakfast sandwiches (and more!) in a minute or less. With a curved bottom to help centre the yolk for fried eggs, a wide opening for whisking scrambled eggs right in the Cooker, stay-cool handles for grabbing right from the microwave, and a removable...

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    Lékué Bread Maker

    Using the Lékué Bread Maker you will be able to enjoy the traditional taste of real homemade, crusty and golden bread. Weigh, knead and bake in the same container! Thanks to its versatility, you will be able to bake bread in the traditional way using just one recipient in a cleaner way, saving time and space. Its design as a partially closed bowl, allows...

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    Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Egg Poucher

    Preparing perfect poached eggs in a pan can be a tricky but cooking them in water usually gives the best results, with classic taste and texture. Now this can be quickly and easily replicated in a microwave oven with this thoughtful design. First, fill each compartment with water up to the fill line and then break an egg into each using the integrated egg...

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    Lékué Microwave Popcorn Maker

    Make home-made popcorn in the microwave and know exactly what you are eating. A silicone mould that allows you to make your own popcorn in the microwave, with no ingredients other than the kernels. With just this utensil you can measure, cook, season and eat. In a few minutes you will have fresh popcorn to which you can add the ingredients you like and...

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    Kitchen Craft Microwave Potato Bag

    Bake fluffy, evenly cooked jacket potatoes and sweet potatoes in less than 10 minutes. The bag creates a pocket of steam which bakes your potatoes without ever drying them out. This leaves you with a tasty, evenly cooked, fluffy end result. The bag's lining also prevents this steam from escaping during baking to stop your microwave becoming condensated....

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    Joseph Joseph Popcorn Maker

    There’ll be no more fighting over the popcorn next film night with this set of individual microwave popcorn makers! It’s simple to make perfect popcorn in minutes and add your own flavourings to make it healthier than shop-bought as no oil or butter is required. There’ll be no more fighting over the popcorn next film night with this set of individual...

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    Joie MSC Boiley Microwave egg boiler

    Joie MSC boiley microwave egg boiler cook exceptional eggs every time. Cooks soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs. Boils eggs in 3-5 minutes depending upon egg size, microwave wattage and how you like your egg. Without any messy eggsplosions, simple to use, easy to clean. Should not be used in Microwave ovens over 1000W.

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    Joie MSC Oink Oink Microwave bacon tray

    Make bacon the quick, fun, easy and healthier way with the microwave bacon tray, by joie. It features a splatter lid that'll keep your microwave clean and it has a grooved design that drains fat for healthier cooking. Part of the piggy wiggy line, the microwave bacon tray is fun for all ages.

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    Lékué Quick Pasta Recipes Cooker

    Prepare all types of pasta dishes and sauces in the microwave, in the fastest and cleanest way possible. You can also cook, wring and serve using the same container. Spaghetti portion guide in base.

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    Lékué Microwave Cheese Maker

    Surprise yourself by making your own fresh cheese in the microwave - it couldn't be easier with Lékué's Cheese Maker. It consists of just three elements - a plastic bowl to heat your milk, a flexible silicone lid that doubles as a measure for your lemon juice or vinegar, and a strainer to form your cheese, and requires only basic ingredients and no...

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    Lékué Waffles mould

    Set of 2 waffle mould make 8 delicious waffles in the oven or microwave in one batch. Quick, delicious and with no messy pots or pans. Perfect for sunday morning lazy breakfast. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the compound to food.

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    Lékué Egg Poucher

    The easiest way to cook poached eggs at home. It has a metal net -that allows drainage of the extra egg white and a silicone cover with holes- to help create the final poached egg result. The Lekue egg poacher holds the shape without breaking, without burning as it floats in the pot creating the perfect poached egg. Directions for use: open the lid, place...

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    Kitchen Craft Microwave Cookware Egg Poacher

    Kitchen Craft Microwave Cookware Egg Poacher. Microwavable egg poacher to poach up to four eggs quickly at the same time. The poaching cups keep the egg white and yolk together and the stand allows easy removal of all the cups. The set can also be used in traditional saucepans or frypans. Handwash only. It's made from strong plastic, which is free from...

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  • Lékué Steam Case With Tray Lékué Steam Case With Tray
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    Lékué Steam Case With Tray

    Lékué silicone steam case for 1 to 2 people, or 3 to 4 people, optimizes steam cooking, and can be used in the oven or in the microwave. Food tastes better and is more nutritive in the steam case: flavors are locked in and moisture maintained, as heat circulates in the oval case, and it's so healthy that it is recommended by nutricionists. Various...

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  • Lékué Quick Quinoa & Rice Cooker Lékué Quick Quinoa & Rice Cooker
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    Lékué Quick Quinoa & Rice Cooker

    Cook all types of quinoa, rice and cereals al dente with a microwave in just a few minutes in the fastest, easiest and cleanest way. You can also cook, wring and serve using the same container.

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  • Lékué Sandwich Bread Lékué Sandwich Bread
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    Lékué Sandwich Bread

    Bread is a basic food need. It is low in fat and high in fibre, it provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Prepare authentic Sandwich Bread at home and enjoy its traditional taste, soft texture and golden colour. Knead the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the mould. Leave to prove, bake, and enjoy your soft, home-made sandwich bread...

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