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    Bar Craft Lazy Fish Corkscrew by Kitchen Craft

    Bar Craft Lazy Fish Corkscrew by Kitchen Craft. With a concertina mechanism for easy cork removal of even the most stubborn corks, this lazy fish corkscrew is based of an early 1900's design and uses a unique and innovative way of opening a bottle of wine! The lazyfish mechanism requires the minimum of effort to remove even the most stubborn of corks. The...

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    Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Connoisseur Deluxe Waiters Friend...

    Connoisseur deluxe waiter's friend corkscrew, so called by its traditional restaurant use. Completely compact, this all in one corkscrew also features a crown top bottle opener, and a foil cutter knife, that fold inside one another for convenient storage. Features a soft touch, easy grip body for total comfort when in use.

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    Le Creuset Sommelier Corkscrew Black

    Le Creuset Sommelier Corkscrew Black. The perfect travel companion for picnics, holidays or a BBQ and a product relied on by waiters and sommeliers. This pocket-size waiter’s corkscrew to open bottles quickly and easily. The elegant two-step design allows for optimal leverage when removing corks, and the coated stainless steel screw slides easily...

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    Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Nut Cracker and Cork Remover

    Two in one nut cracker and cork remover. With easy to grip, non-slip handles, the cracker cracks the shell of all types of nuts without breaking the kernels. Also effortlessly removes wine and champagne corks and unscrews the plastic screw-top bottles.

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    Peugeot two-prong corkscrew Mathus

    Peugeot Mathus, also called a cork-turner from the French tourne-bouchon, is a blade black corkscrew inspired by models that were highly popular in the 19th century. It draws the cork from the bottle without piercing the cork: perfect for old bottles with corks that tend to crumble.

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  • Le Creuset corkscrew LM 4500

    Le Creuset corkscrew LM 4500. Opening a bottle of wine has never been so easy and fast. The new LM450 professional model corkscrew. For an always respectful opening of your bottles of wine.

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  • BergHOFF 3 piece wine opener set BergHOFF 3 piece wine opener set
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    BergHOFF 3 piece wine opener set

    Made of nylon, zinc alloy and hardened carbon steel non-stick coated screw. The high-tech design prevents cork breakage. Includes 1 corkscrew (15 cm), 1 stand (15,5 x 6,5 cm), 1 worm spiral screw (8,5 cm).

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  • BergHOFF Electric wine opener GEMINIS BergHOFF Electric wine opener GEMINIS
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    BergHOFF Electric wine opener GEMINIS

    Open wine bottles with the simple push of a button, and no cranking or fragmented cork pieces thanks to the smooth mechanics of this electric wine opener. Includes 1 wine opener, 1 foil cutter and 1 stand. Charging time: 8 hours.

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