About us

The MIMOCOOK is an online store for kitchen tools and products, cooked with taste, humor and creativity.

PHENOMA Design, Lda. is the firm who created the brand and online store MIMOCOOK , and since 2005, has always seek the difference through design, function and originality of the products it sells.

We see today big changes in cosmopolitan paradigms, where a kitchen is no longer a service area and became part of the recreation area, or the products we choose to gift our friends, family and of course ourselves, being more functional and attractive.

To bring out to you the most creative, innovative, fun and functional products in the market for kitchens, we create the mimocook.com online store, where we introduce the most prestigious brands of accessories and kitchen utensils.

...and here we are ready to serve you!

Company: PHENOMA - Design, Lda.
VAT: 507 257 588
Adress: Rua João de Ruão N.1
City: 2330-314 Entroncamento
Email: info@mimocook.com
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