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    Kitchen Craft Seafood Dining Set

    A complete set of seafood cutlery, including shell fish crackers to crack hard shell seafood, and individual long handled dual ended seafood forks and scoops for removing and eating meat from shell fish and crab and lobster claws. Includes 2 pairs of seafood crackers and 6 forks/scoops.

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Deluxe Polished Oyster Knife

    Comfortably open oyster shells using this professional stainless steel oyster knife, featuring a dual sided knife and serrated blade. With a beautifully stylish mirror polish finish, the comfortable handle ensures you maintain a secure grip.

    15,00 €
  • Wusthof set of 4 lobster forks

    The 4-piece lobster fork set of Wusthof is not only useful and helpful in removal of meat from shellfish and crustaceans, the forks have a wonderful design and are thus a delight for any shellfish lover.

    56,00 €
  • Wusthof lobster prongs

    The Wusthof lobster pliers 20,0cm is an indispensable utensil for gourmets and lovers of crustaceans. You like to eat lobster and want to time yourself a cook. Then you also need the appropriate cutlery for. The Wüsthof lobster pliers is ideal to break the hard shell and the scissors. Made is the Wusthof lobster pliers 5864 stainless steel, and it has a...

    54,00 €
  • Wusthof Oyster Opener

    Oysters have a way of being unpredictible. To avoid a knife accident it is necessary to have a sharp and well engineer oyster knife. Wusthof oyster knifes are well made and will last for many years. With the solid construction of a Wusthof Oyster knife the blades will never loosen make the the knife unsafe for use. The oyster knives use the same steel...

    34,50 €