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    Le Creuset Stoneware Egg Cup

    Le Creuset Stoneware Egg Cup. Simple elegant design in multiple colours, this egg cup adds colour to your kitchen and breakfasts.

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    Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill

    Seasoning can significantly enhance the flavour of any dish, so accessorise your kitchen and table with a Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill. Combining quality with stylish design, the Pepper Mill is available in a wide range of colours and will accent your kitchen beautifully. Featuring a hardened ceramic grinder, ideal for grinding peppercorns and fully...

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    Le Creuset Classic Salt Mill

    Seasoning can significantly enhance the flavour of any dish, so accessorise your kitchen and table with a Le Creuset Classic Salt Mill. Combining quality with stylish design, the Salt Mill is available in a wide range of colours and will accent your kitchen beautifully. Featuring a hardened ceramic grinder, ideal for grinding salt and fully adjustable for...

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    Le Creuset medium Premium Spatula

    The generous surface of our medium Professional Range Spatula makes this design the ideal choice for dense batters and dough. Our Silicone Utensils are designed to be comfortable to use and kind to cookware. They will not scratch cooking or food preparation surfaces, making them ideal for use with non-stick cookware. The heads are made from premium...

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    Le Creuset Professional Silicone Spoon Spatula

    The Silicone Professional Spoon Spatula is perfect for a range of kitchen tasks, including scooping portions, scraping baked on food and breaking up dense ingredients, such as minced meat. Our Silicone Utensils are designed to be comfortable to use and kind to cookware. They will not scratch cooking or food preparation surfaces, making them ideal for use...

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    Joseph Joseph EasyStore Toothbrush caddy

    Keep your bathroom sink neat and tidy with this versatile toothbrush holder. It’s got plenty of space to store all your oral care items including manual or electric toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss, and is available in two sizes. This clever toothbrush caddy dismantles for easy cleaning and features a ventilation hole for quick drying,...

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    Joseph Joseph Catcher

    Keep the pips out of your homemade lemon meringue pie (or any other recipe requiring citrus juice) with this clever adaptation of a classic tool. With conventional hand reamers the extracted juice needs to be strained before use, to remove any unwanted pips and fruit pulp. The design of the Catcher™ helps eliminate this problem with its soft rubber cup...

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    Joseph Joseph Shred-Line garlic and ginger grater

    Make homemade garlic or ginger paste quickly and easily with this handy grater, the stainless steel tool makes short work of garlic cloves and fibrous ginger roots creating a pulp for adding to your favourite meals. Shred-Line™ uses sharp, double-action cutting teeth to grate your ingredients while its smooth stainless steel surface makes removing the...

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    Kitchen Craft Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer

    Easy to use cutter to slice beans perfectly. Features high quality durable stainless steel blades and a ridged plastic handle.

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    Joseph Joseph Edge Dish Brush

    This distinctive dish brush helps make full use of space around the sink…by conveniently storing inside it! The design has a non-slip resting point that enables it to be stored on the inside edge of the sink, thereby saving space and allowing excess water and soap suds to drain neatly away. The non-scratch brush head is curved to help clean in the corners...

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    Joseph Joseph BladeBrush

    Clean your knives safely with this innovative washing-up brush. The wrap-around design lets you clean both sides of your cutlery at once while keeping your fingers away from sharp edges. BladeBrush™ features tough bristles to quickly and easily remove leftover food on your cutlery, while the textured grip stops your hands from slipping. After use, the...

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    Joseph Joseph Surface Sink Tidy

    A clever accessory for storing your sponges, washing brushes, dishcloths and washing up bottles neatly beside your sink with separate compartments for each. Surface™ Sink Tidy is perfect for organising your washing up essentials. The main compartment is divided into two and has plenty of space for your washing up liquid and a dish brush. At the front of...

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    Joseph Joseph Slim Soap pump

    Make the most of the space you have around your bathroom sink with this refillable slimline soap pump. This stylish, space-saving design takes up less room without compromising on capacity. Holds as much liquid soap as a regular soap dispenser, but takes up less space with its narrow design allowing more room for your other bathroom sink essentials. It...

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    Joseph Joseph FlexPlus Toilet brush with storage caddy

    Keep your toilet clean and hygienic with our revolutionary Flex™ toilet brush. Its unique, D-shaped flexible head is designed to get into all those hard to reach areas and its bristles are widely spaced to prevent dirt clogging. Conventional toilet brushes hold dirt and liquid, making them messy and unhygienic to use and clean. Also their bristles can...

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    Le Creuset Stoneware Berry Jam Jar with Silicone Spreader

    Le Creuset’s stylish Stoneware Preserve Jars will add a splash of colour to your table whether for an indulgent breakfast or a convivial gathering with friends and family. The Berry Jam Jar has a capacity of 0.45 litres and comes with an easy-grip notched lid and colour co-ordinated silicone spreader. The jar features an embossed decoration on the...

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    OXO Good Grips POP Square

    With airtight seals, one-handed opening, and dozens of modular shapes and sizes, our new and improved POP Containers are just what you need for a pantry makeover. Each POP Container features a clear, BPA-free body, rounded corners for easy pouring, and a convenient fill line to avoid overfilling. Different sizes are designed to fit different pantry...

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    Nordic Ware Disney Frozen 2 set 2 mini spatulas

    Mini spatulas are just right for little hands and small containers. This pair features Olaf and "Believe in the Journey" screen printed on food-grade silicone heads with hardwood handles.

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    Joseph Joseph Caddy

    The washing up has never been so organised, with this highly practical design. The main body of the unit provides ample space for storing a washing-up liquid bottle and brush, and the integrated rail provides hanging and drying space for damp dishcloths. A large draining plate within the base creates a dedicated area for placing wet sponges, and the...

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    Joseph Joseph C-pump

    The unique design of this soap pump means that it can be easily operated with the back of one hand, helping to keep the top of the pump head cleaner and more hygienic. Simply place the hand into the C-shaped opening and press down firmly to dispense soap onto the fingers or into the palm of the hand. The unit has a non-slip base, a soap-level indicator...

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    Joseph Joseph TriScale

    This unique digital scale brings a whole new meaning to the concept of space-saving kitchen gadgets. When open, its three arms provide a stable platform on which to place bowls and other items for weighing. When closed, the unit folds down to an extremely compact size, enclosing and protecting the screen and controls, which makes it perfect for storing in...

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    Joie MSC Split Egg separator

    Joie's Split Egg Separator makes egg separating simple. This egg separator clips on to the side of most bowls or mugs for hands-free ease. Handy egg handle. A must have for every kitchen. Dishwasher safe.

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    Joie MSC Egghead egg cup & spoon

    This cute little plastic egg cup will provide the perfect nest for your boiled egg and has a matching spoon to ensure your day gets off to an eggcellent start. Great for use by kids and adults alike. Egg cups feature a footed design for stability. Spoons have chunky easy to hold handles.

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    E-Cloth Washing Up Pad

    Tough on dirt, kind to non-stick finishes. The Washing Up Pad is great for cleaning away dried on dirt and food debris. The yellow side is ideal for washing up crockery and glassware, and cuts through grease and grime using just water, while the grey non-scratch scrubbing side makes light work of stuck on food residue. Whether used with or without washing...

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    E-Cloth Window Pack 2 Cloths

    There is no need for specialist liquid cleaners to leave windows with a sparkling finish. From windows to their frames and sills, both inside and out, your windows will never have been cleaner or clearer, than with the Window cloth pack and just water. The pack contains a generously sized Window Cloth to remove grease, grime and bacteria from windows and...

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