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    GEFU Spirelli 2.0 Spiral Slicer

    The Spirelli 2.0 transforms zucchini, carrots, radish, cucumbers and even potatoes and beetroot (with a diameter of up to 6 cm) into delicious endless spirals in next to no time for vegetarian stir-fried vegetables, for healthy raw vegetable salads and as a delicious decoration for immediate consumption! The special Japanese knifes made of stainless steel...

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    Microplane Spiral Cutter

    The new Spiral Cutter from Microplane® is the ideal tool to quickly and effortlessly create elegant spiral cuts and ribbons out of fresh vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and radishes. Two razor-sharp slicing barrels – one large and one small – feature surgical grade stainless blades for optimum cutting results. Creating a restaurant-style...

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    Joseph Joseph Spiro 3 in 1 spiralizer

    Create exciting healthy dishes in minutes with our compact, self-containing spiralizer. The hand-held design keeps mess to a minimum collecting food as you cut it and makes spiralizing a whole range of vegetables super neat and easy. Spiro comes with two styles of spiralizing blade- coarse and fine- for different noodle thicknesses plus a handy grating...

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    Gefu Spiral cutter Spiralfix

    The Spiral Cutter SPIRALFIX is the indespensable kitchen tool for every vegetable fan. Based on the time-tested principle of the pencil sharpener, it transforms countless sorts of vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti, without effort and in no time at all. Using it is simple, convenient and extremely safe: Just open the folding lid, use the...

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    Taylors Eye Witness Professional Spiralizer

    The Spiralizer from Taylor's Eye Witness produces continuous julienne strips and wide ribbons of courgette, carrot, cucumber, potato and more. Perfect for stir fries, coleslaw, salads, pizza toppings & decorative touches on any dish. The non-slip suction feet ensure easy use. Spiralizers are perfect for the health conscious cook and a handy tool for...

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  • Gefu Spiral slicer SPIRELLI Gefu Spiral slicer SPIRELLI
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    Gefu Spiral slicer SPIRELLI

    With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 mm spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes, and to decorate serving dishes. The combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel means it can be cleaned simply in...

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  • Joie MSC Decorative carrot cutter Joie MSC Decorative carrot cutter
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    Joie MSC Decorative carrot cutter

    Joie decorative carrot cutter stylize dishes with creative spiral and floral garnishing. Press carrot against the blade and turn. Ideal for best results use thick carrots. Easy to use.

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