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    Black+Blum Binchotan charcoal

    These charcoal water filters are the perfect replacements for the 'Eau Good' water bottles and the 'Eau Carafe', simply remove the old filters when they begin to lose filter potential and replace with the new refill. Binchotan charcoal is an active carbon made from tree branches, it absorbs impurities such as chlorine by attracting the negative ions to...

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    Joseph Joseph Dot water bottle with counting lid

    Track your daily hydration goals with this cleverly designed water bottle. The lid displays a new dot each time you refill so you can easily keep count of the number of bottles you drink. Staying hydrated is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and plenty of us will admit to not drinking enough water each day. Dot lets you track up to 4 dots (or...

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    WMF Basic Water Carafe Decanter

    WMF Basic Water Carafe Decanter. Serve refreshingly clear water from this attractively shaped carafe. The ingenious part is found in the Close Up lid - the lid with that little bit extra. It opens and closes automatically when you pour. An integral strainer holds back ice or pieces of fruit. The matching cooling rings keep the contents fresh for longer....

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    Kitchen Craft Coolmovers Acrylic Juice Dispenser

    Virtually unbreakable, this durable acrylic juice dispenser with black flip-top lid and pouring lip is ideal for children, outdoor and party use. Capacity: 1.7 litres

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    BergHOFF double-walled Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

    BergHOFF Studio Stainless Steel and Double-Walled Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle with Ergonomic Design by BergHOFF. The double walled vacuum insulated water bottle is a great design and is perfect for any workout! Keeps iced drinks cold for more than 24 hours! Ergonomic design for easy handling. Hand wash recommended.

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    Berghoff water carafe

    Berghoff water carafe. Water and other drinks, always at their best in this carafe. Even when infused water is a favourite, go ahead and prepare naturally avoured water with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. The mechanism opens when pouring and allows the water to flow into a glass but all other elements stay in the carafe.

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    Berghoff cooling carafe

    Berghoff cooling carafe. On the rocks redefined: fill the tube with water, pre-chill until frozen and place into the carafe. Always cooled drinks without a diluted taste!

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    BergHOFF Leo Double-Walled Stainless Steel Travel Mug...

    Enjoy your favourite hot or cold drink on the go with this stylish travel mug with leak-proof push-to-drink top. Double walled insulation keeps your drink hot or cold for up to 6 hours. Body made from high-grade 18/10 stainless steel and top made from BPA-free plastic. Capacity 330ml

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    BergHOFF Leo BPA Free Leakproof Outdoor

    Stain, smell and shatter-resistant. High quality water bottle, ideal for gym, sports, at work or in the car. No nasty plastic taste, our BPA free high-grade polymer feels and tastes like glass, is lightweight and offers high resistance to breakage. With handy push-to-drink release button top and silicone carrying strap. Comes in gift box so makes a great...

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    BergHOFF Porcelain Travel Mug 250 ml

    Enjoy your favorite hot beverage on the go in a Leo porcelain travel mug that fits perfectly under your coffee machine and in your car's cup holder. The high quality porcelain mug holds the heat of your drink

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  • Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel 750ml Vacuum Flask Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel 750ml Vacuum Flask
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    Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel 750ml Vacuum Flask

    Ideal for keeping soups, coffee and tea all hot and your cold drinks cold! This high quality MasterClass flask is virtually unbreakable, with a double walled stainless steel outer casing and inner container. Features a special dual purpose stopper with internal spout for controlled pouring, wide neck to add ice cubes, a modern shaped insulated cap that...

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  • BergHOFF Leo Stainless Steel Double Walled Insulated Push-Button Leak-Proof Thermal Flask
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    BergHOFF Leo Stainless Steel Double Walled Insulated...

    Take you favourite hot or cold drink with you on the go with this stylish insulated thermal flask by BergHOFF. Made from robust high grade stainless steel inside and out. With leak-proof top. Convenient push-button makes opening and pouring quick and easy and the top doubles up as a cup.

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