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    Mastrad V-Blade Mandoline with container

    Mastrad Black V Blade Mandoline with food container is quite compact for optium storage.It adapts to a wide variety of bowls. Cuts delicate slices for vegeatbles or thick slices for chips

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    Mastrad Mandolin V Fruit and Veg Food Slicer Black

    Mastrad Mandolin V Fruit and Veg Food Slicer Black. Slice, chop or grate all types of fruits and vegetables even soft ones.

    45,00 €
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    De Buyer Complete Kobra Slice

    De Buyer Complete Kobra Slice. Efficient – perfect cutting edge. Makes perfect cuts thanks to the V-blade and the 19.3 angle. Precise thickness adjustment up to 5 mm. Micro-serration and easy cut of all fruits and vegetables, even soft and with skin on. Ergonomic non-slip handle

    60,50 €
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    De Buyer Viper Slicer

    De Buyer Viper is fitted with a dicing system that is extremely easy to set up thanks to its 'on-off' function. Equipped with interchangeable plates, it is extremely simple to use. Viper's V-shaped blade makes it an ultra-efficient mandoline: its excellent cutting angle makes it possible to cut any sort of fruit and vegetable with it, including very ripe...

    151,50 €
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    De Buyer Vantage 3 Blade Julienne Grater Stainless Steel

    DE BUYER developed a new strong professional mandoline slicer made of stainless steel. La Mandoline Vantage – designed and made in France- has a V-shaped sharp blade integrated on its frame to cut all types of fruit/vegetable even the softest ones. The cutting thickness is djustable from 1 to 10 mm. The new ergonomic pusher enables a secure and pleasant...

    188,00 €
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    De Buyer Mandoline Swing Plus Double Blade and Pusher

    De Buyer Mandoline Swing Double Blade. Mandoline made of stainless steel and polymer composite. The stainless steel ramp is smooth and with a textured surface to make the food slide easily. A new adjustable system allows to easily regulate the thickness of the cut from 0.5 to 10mm, with a space of 0.5mm. For smooth or wavy round slices, julienne cuts of 4...

    94,00 €
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    Microplane Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade

    Our ultra sharp, stainless steel Microplane® Adjustable Slicer cuts paper thin to thick slices with the straight edge. Or switch to the included julienne blade with three settings, for long, thin, even strips. Food holder included for ease of use and safety, and ergonomically designed soft touch handle. Stainless steel blade and frame for superior...

    35,00 €
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    Gefu V-slicer VIOLI

    Chic, black and sharp: this compact vegetable slicer with its stylish stainless steel ring for hanging on the kitchen rail has a blade made of Japanese blade steel and cuts fruit and vegetables into even slices in no time at all. It can be set to five slice thicknesses, ranging from 1 to 5 mm, and when the slicer is not in use the safety setting prevents...

    25,50 €
  • Gefu Julienne V-Slicer VIOLI 2.0 Gefu Julienne V-Slicer VIOLI 2.0
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    Gefu Julienne V-Slicer VIOLI 2.0

    The ergonomic handle with suspension eyelet is comfortable to hold – and the handy V slicer stands securely on non-slip feet. Another advantage is the choice of 5 thicknesses for cutting slices as well as two high-quality Japanese blade steel inserts for producing even julienne strands in either 3-mm (0.12 in) or 6 mm (0.24 in) widths. A finger...

    38,50 €
  • Mastrad Mandolin & Multigrater Mastrad Mandolin & Multigrater
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    Mastrad Mandolin & Multigrater

    Mandoline multi grater. A chef's mandolin for the home. With a set of 5 blades for cutting, grating, thinly slicing, cutting out. Ideal for potato chips and waffled potatoes. Adjustable cutting thickness with thumb wheel. Push-button and the handle offer comfort and safety. Can be used with all the salad bowls in the Mastard range and also used on a base...

    39,00 €
  • De Buyer Mandoline Ultra Revolution Master De Buyer Mandoline Ultra Revolution Master
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    De Buyer Mandoline Ultra Revolution Master

    De Buyer Ultra Revolution Master. The DELUXE MASTER version of the Mandoline ULTRA argues with optimal efficience. It cuts in the twinkeling of an eye Juliennes, straight or serrated slices, cubes or lozenges or makes chips with waffle cut. The most remarkable is the integrated cut cube system which makes it very special! This vegetable and fruit slicer...

    274,00 €