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  • Imperia Electric Version of SP150

    The pack contains the Imperia machine for making the sheet in 6 different thicknesses, the Imperia Duplex cutter for 2 types of pasta, tagliatelle and fettuccine, the new Imperia PastaFacile motor (with the new Bracket-guide). Imperia PastaFacile, connected on the pasta making machine allows you to work with both hands, making your work quicker and...

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  • Imperia Titania pasta machine with electric engine

    The Imperia Titania Electric chromium-plated steel pasta machine is precision engineered in Italy, sturdy and built to last. Imperia Titania producing a 150mm leaf in 6 thicknesses which is then cut to 2mm (tagliatelle) or 6,5mm (fettuccine). Imperia PastaFacile (with the new Bracket-guide), connected on the pasta making machine allows you to work with...

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  • Imperia Pasta Presto Electric pasta machine

    The exclusive, elegant and easy to use Imperia Pasta Presto is the new motorised Imperia machine. Its distinctive design combines functionality and tradition of good home-made pasta. Imperia Pasta Presto has the right ingredients to catch your heart. The powerful electric motor allows you to make your sheets of pasta even quicker than before in six...

    418,50 €
  • Imperia Restaurant Electric Pasta Machine

    Imperia table top pasta machines are the industry standard for professional kitchens. Allows you to consistently roll out and knead pasta dough creating tender and uniform sheets of pasta. Production sheet 12kg/h. Sheet width 210mm.

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  • Imperia Restaurant Electric Pasta Machine

    All steel motorized 230 Volts roller machine for restaurants and professionals, produces up to 12Kg. of pasta in an hour.Prepares sheets of 9 in.And maximum roller opening of 3/8 in. has adjusting knob with ten numbered thickness settings. Available on request extra five Simplex cutters: - Angel Hair 1,5 mm - Tagliatelle 2 mm - Linguine 4mm -...

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