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Kuchenprofi tea spice ball - Mimocook
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Tea infusers

Kuchenprofi tea spice ball

This fine-wire mesh herb and spice ball keeps infused items contained while you season teas, homemade stocks and soups. The attached chain and hook provides easy withdrawal, while the locking lid keeps the closure secure while submerged. Made with a durable stainless steel construction, this ball is easy to fill with spices, herbs, tea or bouquet...
Le Creuset Cocotte Cast Iron Round Casserole 24cm - Mimocook
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The essential kitchen classic. From a fifteen minute pasta ragu to a slow-cooked, fragrant stew; from tender, juicy roasts to freshly baked bread and cakes that rise to perfection and bake evenly, the Round Cast Iron Casserole is ideal for a wide array of one-pot recipes. Now Le Creuset is proud to introduce the new Signature Round Casserole. New features...
Le Creuset Cast Iron Shallow Casserole 30cm - Mimocook
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The most versatile – a great stir fry pan, baking and serving dish. Perfect for a wide range of dishes from quick creamy risottos to tender, flavourful meat and vegetables or crisp, golden pies and tarts. The large flat shape and shallow sides of the Cast Iron Shallow Casserole make it perfect for browning meat and vegetables, simmering casseroles, stir...
Lékué Microwave Popcorn Maker - Mimocook Lékué Microwave Popcorn Maker - Mimocook 2
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Lékué Microwave Popcorn Maker

Make home-made popcorn in the microwave and know exactly what you are eating. A silicone mould that allows you to make your own popcorn in the microwave, with no ingredients other than the kernels. With just this utensil you can measure, cook, season and eat. In a few minutes you will have fresh popcorn to which you can add the ingredients you like and...
Gefu Nutcracker NOCETTO - Mimocook Gefu Nutcracker NOCETTO - Mimocook 2
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Nut Tools

Gefu Nutcracker NOCETTO

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Thanks to a smaller and a larger opening, the robust stainless-steel nutcracker cracks nuts of any kind. Stainless steel and plastic, dishwasher-safe.
Kuchenprofi sugar themometer - Mimocook Kuchenprofi sugar themometer - Mimocook 2
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Kuchenprofi sugar themometer

This candy/sugar thermometer from Kuchenprofi is ideal for preparing candies, candied fruit and toffees. It is essential for making jams, marmalade and jelly. It has a temperature range of 40oC/100oF to 200oC/400oF. The thermometer has an adjustable clip on the rear of the stainless steel frame and a heat resistant handle. The thermometer should be hand...
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