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Salad bowls

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  • WMF Lounge Living Chaos

    WMF Lounge Living Chaos. Attractive wire mesh basket with 27 twisted wires, handcrafted with secure positioning. The edge of the basket has a matt finish, the wires are polished.

    50,00 €
  • WMF Living Lounge Basket WMF Living Lounge Basket
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    WMF Living Lounge Basket

    WMF Living Lounge Basket. The WMF Lounge basket is ideal for storing fruits or decorative pieces. The low height and wired walls provide a stylish design to compliment any sophisticated setting. Smooth to the touch and made from brushed satin Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, the wired walls enable you to take a glimpse of the colored fruit. As with all...

    77,50 €
  • WMF Living Lounge Basket

    WMF Living Lounge Basket.The upper opening is bent forwards and reinforced with a wide metal ring. The base is also made of a stainless steel plate. The basket is perfect for presenting rolls, croissants or fruit at the breakfast table. The basket is made from sturdy Cromargan: stainless steel 18/10, making it extra robust and long-lasting. The narrow...

    86,50 €
  • WMF Concept Basket Bowl

    WMF Concept Basket Bowl.This basket is both attractively shaped and practical both on the breakfast table and on the buffet. This basket is a storage container for rolls or fruit and also an eye-catcher for the flat.

    54,50 €