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    Le Creuset Skillet Lisa-Le Creuset

    From crispy chicken Milanese to tasty frittatas or quick and easy penne pasta bakes this Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet will help you create delicious savoury and sweet recipes time and time again, cast iron distributing heat gently and evenly for better cooking results. It is so versatile it is no wonder it is such a treasured kitchen staple. The integral...

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    Le Creuset Crepe Pan Aluminium

    Le Creuset Crepe Pan Aluminium The Crêpe Pan is the perfect shape for creating delicious pancakes that brown evenly and release from the pan effortlessly. Toughened Non-Stick is a sleek range of versatile pans perfect for everyday use. It has a tough, PFOA-free non-stick surface inside and out, and a special hardened body to create a durable and...

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    Wusthof Classic Cooks knife 20 cm

    No kitchen should be without this manual food processor. It is the most essential of all knives used in the kitchen. Slicing, mincing, dicing of all kind of food. Perfectly balanced, an extension of your hand. Precision forged from a single blank of steel with bolster and full tang. Ergonomic handle design developed in consultation with professional...

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    Wusthof 17 cm Santoku Knife

    Wusthof 17 cm Santoku Knife. The knife with the Japanese style blade, perfect for both Asian and Western cuisine; the hollow edge creates pockets of air, which prevent extra thin or soft slices from sticking to the blade.

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    De Buyer Le Tube pressure pastry syringe

    Le Tube, a pressure pastry syringe with the same applications as pastry bags: filling, garnishing, decorating. Ideal with thick preparations such as creams, thick mousses, choux pastry... Simple to use: dispenses a certain amount of the preparation by exerting pressure on the neck. Has a knob with graduations (cl and oz.) to accurately regulate the amount...

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    Gefu Gourmet Cutter VIOLINO

    VIOLINO - the specialist in all matters concerning cutting and shaping. Whether you need thick or thin batons, cubes or slices for a tasty dish, VIOLINO makes it easy. The gourmet cutter comprises of 3 different, interchangeable cutting surface blades; 1 remainder holder/ ringer guard ; 1 storage box for the cutting surface blades. Cutter with integrated...

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    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Ribbed Square Grill-28 cm

    Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick pans are manufactured from premium materials that will provide the best in durability and cooking performance. Each pan is made from heavy gauge, aluminium to provide a strong, toughened finish that will withstand the demands of everyday use. Both the interior and exterior of each pan are finished with one of the most...

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    WMF Living Lounge Basket

    WMF Living Lounge Basket. The WMF Lounge basket is ideal for storing fruits or decorative pieces. The low height and wired walls provide a stylish design to compliment any sophisticated setting. Smooth to the touch and made from brushed satin Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, the wired walls enable you to take a glimpse of the colored fruit. As with all...

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  • Keep it Cool da Korko Keep it Cool da Korko
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    Keep it Cool da Korko

    Keep it Cool from Korko is a wine cooler made from agglomerated cork and ceramic and is cool for various reasons. is a wine cooler made from agglomerated cork and ceramic and is cool for various reasons. There is also a place for a cork stopper should you wish to close your bottle again and thereby ensuring the wine retains its original properties. Cool!

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    Berghoff water carafe

    Berghoff water carafe. Water and other drinks, always at their best in this carafe. Even when infused water is a favourite, go ahead and prepare naturally avoured water with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. The mechanism opens when pouring and allows the water to flow into a glass but all other elements stay in the carafe.

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    Wusthof Classic Ikon Fillet knife

    Wusthof Classic Ikon Fillet knife. Filleting delicate fish or preparing carpaccio - it´s easier with this extra thin, flexible blade.

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    Taylors Eye Witness Brooklyn 5pc Knife block set

    The Brooklyn Chrome 5 Piece Knife Block Set from Taylor's Eye Witness includes five essential kitchen knives and a stylish clear knife block with a revolving base. Finished in contemporary black with contrasting chrome effect bolster the set includes a 10cm Paring Knife, 12cm All-Purpose Knife, 20cm Carving Knife, 20cm Bread Knife and a 20cm Cook's Knife.

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  • Kitchen Craft Manual Puree Maker Kitchen Craft Manual Puree Maker
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    Kitchen Craft Manual Puree Maker

    Easy to use, this manual grind puree maker features a non-slip suction base so that it securely attaches to any flat surface that you use it on. Perfect for pureeing a variety of soft fruits and vegetables for sauces, compotes, purees, coulis, mash, baby food and yoghurts, the manual grind is designed so that the puree retains either it's hot or cold...

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  • Kitchen Craft Living Nostalgia Vintage Heavy Duty Juicer

    Nothing beats the taste of freshly squeezed, homemade juice and it couldn't be easier to do than with our new Living Nostalgia juicer. This vintage blue lever-arm juicer is perfect for extracting orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit juice with just one easy squeeze. Complete with steel strainers to easily remove pulp and seeds, a collector cup is also...

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  • WMF Palermo 244 Piece Cutlery Set

    WMF cutlery set Palermo. Contents: 6x soup spoons, 6x knives, 6x forks, 6x tea spoons. Material: Cromargan rustproof 18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher-safe. Seal of approval: dishwasher-safe.

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  • Le Creuset Meat Grill Pan 36x20cm

    The Le Creuset steak grill pan can go on the stove or under the broiler- a rainy day will never prevent you from enjoying your favourite barbeque foods. The deep ribs separate the fat from the food for healthier cooking, so that you can serve it with a sizzle. They’re coated with achromatic silk which makes cleaning much easier. Size: 36 x 20 cm.

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  • WMF Loft Ice Crusher

    WMF Loft Ice Crusher. Crush your ice with ease with this 23cm WMF Loft Ice crusher. The contoured body and polished finish provides a smooth touch surface whilst the chrome plated cast metal lid and clear plastic base provide an interesting contrast. The lid sits firmly on top of the stainless steel lid but can easily be removed, simply place your fingers...

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  • Artame Cataplana Casserole Dish 36cm

    Artame Cataplana Casserole Dish 36cm. The Cataplana is an ancient type of pressure cooker which is widely used in Portugal to create the most wonderful meals. The cataplana is ideal for steaming mussels or clams and you can also cook fish, meat, rice, pasta or vegetable dishes in it. As all the ingredients are placed inside the cataplana which is then...

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  • Berghoff 26cm frying pan cast iron Berghoff 26cm frying pan cast iron
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    Berghoff 26cm frying pan cast iron

    Berghoff 26cm frying pan cast iron. Cast iron has great heat retaining abilities: it's the perfect choice for slow cooking and for hearty stews prepared in the oven or on the stovetop. For all types of dishes in small or medium-sized portions or side dishes, perfect for stewing vegetables. The cover locks in the moisture and small bumps on the interior...

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  • Wusthof CLASSIC IKON Santoku

    The Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku knife forged steel blade is the perfect mix of east and west. Taking influence from the beautiful Japanese Santoku style but combined with German precision and quality,this knife posses a razor sharp cutting edge and retains its sharpness for longer than many of its peers with a 58 Rockwell rating.

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  • Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Hammered Stainless Steel...

    Perfect for parties, the large hammered stainless steel champagne bowl will hold enough chilled wine and champagne bottles to keep your celebrations going all night long! With rolled edges and easy to carry side handles, this large bowl is perfect to chill all types of bottles on ice or for serving punch. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

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