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    Berghoff aerator wine carafe

    Berghoff aerator wine carafe. This carafe features an aerator which works ef ciently in a matter of minutes. Aerators are prefect for setting all of those delicate aromas free, enabling the wine’s avours to be enjoyed to the full. Here’s the clever bit; the aerator mixes wine with air not once but twice. Simply pour the wine into the funnel where the rst...

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    Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Glass Decanter Cleaning Balls

    These stainless steel decanter cleaning balls remove all dirt, residue, sediment and stains from inside your decanter. Simply add a small amount of water to the decanter, place the balls in and move the vessel in a swirling motion until the stains have been removed. After cleaning, place the cleaning balls in the strainer to dry for use again and again....

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  • Le Creuset Wine Decanter Le Creuset Wine Decanter
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    Le Creuset Wine Decanter

    The timeless design suits both casual and formal gatherings, making this piece the perfect gift.

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