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    Le Creuset 200ml Stoneware Mug

    A perfectly sized 200ml stoneware mug with a sleek, sophisticated design, this artisan-made mug will add colour and character to any kitchen.

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    Le Creuset 350ml Stoneware Mug

    A perfectly sized 350ml stoneware mug with a sleek, sophisticated design, this artisan-made mug will add colour and character to any kitchen.

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    Kuchenprofi tea spice ball

    This fine-wire mesh herb and spice ball keeps infused items contained while you season teas, homemade stocks and soups. The attached chain and hook provides easy withdrawal, while the locking lid keeps the closure secure while submerged. Made with a durable stainless steel construction, this ball is easy to fill with spices, herbs, tea or bouquet...

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  • Eva Solo Coffee Tumbler set of 2 Eva Solo Coffee Tumbler set of 2
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    Eva Solo Coffee Tumbler set of 2

    The coffee tumbler is made of porcelain with a silicone sheath, which ensures a good grip while preventing burnt fingers. The tumbler is dishwasher-safe; however, the silicone sheath needs removing from the tumbler before placing both parts in the dishwasher. Holds 80ml (small) or 230ml (large).

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  • Prensa francesa para café ou chá STUDIO BergHOFF Prensa francesa para café ou chá STUDIO BergHOFF
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    Prensa francesa para café ou chá STUDIO BergHOFF

    Feita de vidro borosilicato resistente ao calor, e com punho e botão de material sintético de alta qualidade, que se mantêm frios para despejar e manusear confortavelmene a prensa. O filtro de malha fina mantém o café ou chá dentro da prensa e fora de seu copo. Fácil de limpar, simples de usar. Lavagem à mão recomendada.

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  • BergHOFF Tea maker-Studio BergHOFF Tea maker-Studio
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    BergHOFF Tea maker-Studio

    Brew the perfect tea and profit from its flavour and typical benefits: the leaves are better extracted thanks to the even heat distribution of the glass body. Material: Body from heat-resistant borosilicate glass - stainless steel fine mesh filter allows you to enjoy a tea without leaves in your cup - Control the brewing process thanks to the clear glass...

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  • Kuchenprofi tea ball Kuchenprofi tea ball
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    Kuchenprofi tea ball

    Use this tea ball for a quick and easy way to brew tea or season soups. The attached chain and hook secures the ball to a cup or pot while the locking lever keeps the closure securely shut. Dishwasher safe, this tea ball features a fine mesh compartment made of durable stainless steel.

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    KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Drinking Straws stirrers

    Kitchen Craft two in one stainless steel straw and serving spoon, ideal for lattes, frappuccinos, milkshakes, and cocktails.

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    Kitchen Craft LeXpress Stainless Steel Pour-Over Coffee...

    Want to know how to achieve an evenly flavoured, full-bodied cup of pour over coffee or slow brew tea? it's all about the pouring technique. That's why KitchenCraft Le'Xpress has designed this kettle - to help you perfect your pour! This Japanese-style drip kettle features a slow pouring spout. It regulates the flow of hot water as you pour, steadying it...

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    Kitchen Craft LeXpress Frother

    Want to give your hot drinks a professional finishing touch? The Le'Xpress Drinks Frother is perfect for frothing milk and cream for great Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas, Hot Chocolates, or Milkshakes. Also great for desserts, meringues, or smoothing salad dressings. Featuring a lightweight, soft touch handle, and stainless steel rod and coil. Wipe clean...

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  • Prensa francesa com parede dupla em inox STUDIO BergHOFF Prensa francesa com parede dupla em inox STUDIO BergHOFF
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    Prensa francesa com parede dupla em inox STUDIO BergHOFF

    Nesta prensa o café ou chá ficam quentes por mais tempo graças à camada de isolamento criada por duas paredes de aço inoxidável. O exterior permanece frio ao toque, e conseguirá verter de forma simples com o bico anti gotas. O filtro de malha fina, também em aço inoxidável, mantém o café ou chá dentro da prensa e fora do seu copo. Fácil de limpar, simples...

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    Alisador de café em inox Le'Xpress Kitchen Craft

    Um elemento essencial para todos os que adoram o café acabado de fazer. Este alisador duplo em aço inoxidável de alta qualidade com acabamento espelhado, comprime o café para um sabor mais rico e mais completo. Para uso em todos os tipos de máquinas de café expresso e máquinas de café. Diâmetro da base menor: 52 milímetros. Diâmetro da base maior: 58...

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  • OXO Twisting Tea Ball OXO Twisting Tea Ball
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    OXO Twisting Tea Ball

    The Twisting Tea Ball makes it easy to scoop up the desired amount of loose leaf tea. The twisting feature ensure the leaves stay in the ball, simply twist the end of the handle to close. Long neck can accommodate many different sizes of mugs and cups. Spinning design makes it easy to clean.

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    Berghoff tea carafe

    Berghoff tea carafe. Pour hot water in to the heat-resistant carafe, fill the tubular infuser with loose leaves to prepare a delicious carafe of tea. Simply stir to enhance the taste. Thanks to the fine filter, tealeaves stay in the carafe and not in the cup.

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    Kitchen Craft Coffee Maker Jug Set

    KitchenCraft’s Drip Coffee Maker Jug Set features just about everything you need to make the perfect pour-over coffee. It’s quick and easy to use. All you have to do is add ground coffee, pour over boiling water and allow it to drip down. Box Contains 1 x KitchenCraft Drip Coffee Maker Jug, 1 L, 1 x KitchenCraft Coffee Measuring Spoon, 1 x KitchenCraft...

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    Gemini Express Espresso Maker

    Get fresh espresso brewed directly into your cup with the Eppicotispai Gemini Express Stove Top Espresso maker! While traditional stove top espresso makers brew into an upper pouring chamber, the Gemini Express features a spout system that pours directly into your espresso cup of choice! The Gemini Express comes with a reducer, and can make either one or...

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    Kitchen Craft LeXpress Stainless Steel Coffee Measure and...

    A stainless steel dual purpose one cup measuring spoon for accurately measuring and serving ground coffee for use in cafetieres, espresso makers and coffee machines. Handle also clip seals the coffee bag, keeping coffee fresher for longer.

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    Kitchen Craft Le Xpress Coffee Grinder

    Making freshly ground coffee becomes a far simpler, far quicker task with the Le'Xpress Hand Coffee Grinder by Kitchen Craft. Its sleek design features a durable black plastic grinding chamber with adjustable ceramic grinders, and a bottom container made from clear glass. You can easily adjust its precision grinders to make coarse, medium or fine...

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    Kitchen Craft Le Xpress Stainless Steel Drinks Frother

    Give your hot drinks a professional finishing touch! With this stainless steel drinks frother, add a touch of class when frothing milk and cream, great to use in cappuccinos, lattles, mochas, hot chocolates or even milkshakes! The slimline and lightweight design makes the frother easy to hold and use and also makes it great for desserts, meringues or...

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  • Eva Solo Electric kettle

    The Electric kettle from Eva Solo is designed to be taken out of the kitchen and placed on the sofa table. It shares the same popular design as the Eva Solo Vacuum jug with a drip-free pouring lip to prevent spills. The kettle rotates 360° and is cable-free to facilitate filling and pouring. It holds 1.5 litres and features an easy-to-read indicator...

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  • Eva Solo Glass Teapot

    The glass teapot from Eva Solo with a built-in tea egg makes it easy to brew a piping hot cup of tea. The tea egg, which is attached to the lid, can be lowered by lightly pressing the centre of the lid. To raise the tea egg, gently press the edge of the lid so it regains its shape. The teapot is 100% drip-free. The lid and the spout are made of black...

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  • BergHOFF double-walled Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle
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    BergHOFF double-walled Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

    BergHOFF Studio Stainless Steel and Double-Walled Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle with Ergonomic Design by BergHOFF. The double walled vacuum insulated water bottle is a great design and is perfect for any workout! Keeps iced drinks cold for more than 24 hours! Ergonomic design for easy handling. Hand wash recommended.

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  • Staub cast iron Teapot

    Staub cast iron Teapot. Functional and attractive tea pot. The cast iron will ensure that the brew stays hot. This range of enamelled cast iron cookware is thoughtfully designed by Francis Staub, it is developed and produced in France. This is just one piece from a broad range of shapes, sizes and colours.

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  • KitchenAid Artisan 1,5L Kettle candy apple

    In a choice of colours and with a curvaceous, inviting design, the Dual Wall 1. 5 L Kettle is also generous in features. Love tea ? Adjust the temperature range to suit your infusions: nicely warm for delicate green tea or hot for coarse Assam. The dual wall cavity keeps water hotter for longer and the kettle cooler to the touch. A pop of colour in the...

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