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    Kitchen Craft Traditional Wide Mouth Bean Slicer

    This handy little Kitchen Craft gadget slices string beans, celery and spring onions in seconds, with an extra wide mouth and stainless steel blades, simply push the beans through the grid to slice.

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    GEFU Spirelli 2.0 Spiral Slicer

    The Spirelli 2.0 transforms zucchini, carrots, radish, cucumbers and even potatoes and beetroot (with a diameter of up to 6 cm) into delicious endless spirals in next to no time for vegetarian stir-fried vegetables, for healthy raw vegetable salads and as a delicious decoration for immediate consumption! The special Japanese knifes made of stainless steel...

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    Gefu Spiral cutter Spiralfix

    The Spiral Cutter SPIRALFIX is the indespensable kitchen tool for every vegetable fan. Based on the time-tested principle of the pencil sharpener, it transforms countless sorts of vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti, without effort and in no time at all. Using it is simple, convenient and extremely safe: Just open the folding lid, use the...

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    Microplane Spiral Cutter

    The new Spiral Cutter from Microplane® is the ideal tool to quickly and effortlessly create elegant spiral cuts and ribbons out of fresh vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and radishes. Two razor-sharp slicing barrels – one large and one small – feature surgical grade stainless blades for optimum cutting results. Creating a restaurant-style...

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    Kitchen Craft Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer

    Easy to use cutter to slice beans perfectly. Features high quality durable stainless steel blades and a ridged plastic handle.

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    OXO Good Grips Melon Baller

    The OXO Good Grips Melon Baller has two stainless steel heads for making melon balls in different sizes. The soft, slim handle is comfortable to grip and makes it easy to turn the melon baller around as you use both size heads. OXO Good Melon Baller is ideal for fruit salads and garnishes and is also handy for creating small, colourful scoops of sorbet...

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    OXO Good Grips Corer

    With corer it is easy to make delicious baked apples and ideal apple rings. The stainless steel corer glides easily though an apple or pear to remove the core cleanly, and the core is easily removed from the tool with a simple shake. A soft handle absorbs pressure so your hands does not have to get strain.

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    Gefu Spiral slicer SPIRELLI

    With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless Julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The 2 x 3 mm or 3.5 x 5 mm spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes, and to decorate serving dishes. The combination of high-quality plastic and stainless steel means it can be cleaned simply in...

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    Joie MSC Decorative carrot cutter

    Joie decorative carrot cutter stylize dishes with creative spiral and floral garnishing. Press carrot against the blade and turn. Ideal for best results use thick carrots. Easy to use.

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    Gefu POMO Tomato and Apple Slicer

    POMO - now with automatic cutting guide. This is the only slicer which can cut tomatoes into 12 juicy and sizeable chunks. The automatic cutting guide makes this as easy as pie. Simply place the tomato on the cutting base and centre the cutter on the core and press downwards. The uniquely ridged stainless steel blades and the shape of the knives make...

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    Gefu Multi Chopper Speedwing

    Working entirely without electricity and offering an extremely wide range of uses, this multi-talented product not only chops fruit, vegetables, nuts, onions and fish but can also be used for stirring and mixing dips, conjuring up desserts and spinning herbs dry. Efficient and effort-saving multi-talent: thanks to the pull-cord mechanism, crushing,...

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    Kitchen Craft Traditional Style Rotary Bean Slicer

    This traditional style rotary bean slicer easily turns fresh green beans into slender French-cut slices by simply feeding beans into the slots while turning the handle. Cutting down on tedious preparation time, the slicer produces bean segments ideal for soups, stews and vegetable dishes. Includes an integral base suction pad for secure footing on even...

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    Kitchen Craft Master Class Stainless Steel Potato Chipper

    Beautifully designed from high quality stainless steel, this deluxe lever action potato cutter is perfect to make chips and french fries. Simple to use with two interchangeable blades; one with thirty-six holes to make traditional chips, and one with sixty-four holes to make french fries, the cutter can also be used to create vegetable strips such as...

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    Kitchen Craft Vegetable Spiralizer

    The whole world has gone spiralizing mad! Perfect for creating thin slices, continuous spiral strands and ribbons, this spiralizer is great to use as a carb free alternative to pasta dishes, salads and garnishes and the cheeky stir fry. Vegetables can be cooked quicker so more vitamins and nutrients are retained. With three interchangeable blades, that...

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  • Gefu Rapido 4mm Slicer Gefu Rapido 4mm Slicer
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    Gefu Rapido 4mm Slicer

    Gefu Rapido 4mm Slicer. Rapid, more rapid, RAPIDO: this slicer allows easy and clean use and produces 4 mm thick slices of vegetables and fruit. This slicer rapidly and effortlessly delivers evenly cut slices of fruit and vegetables: simply place the fruit or vegetable on a chopping board, take off the container base and press the transparent collection...

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  • BergHOFF LEO All-in-one slicer set BergHOFF LEO All-in-one slicer set
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    BergHOFF LEO All-in-one slicer set

    The Leo all-in-one slicer is a smartly and beautifully designed slicing tool for fruits and vegetables. Its sharp interchangeable blades core, slice and dice apples, mangos, potatoes … with one simple press. The Leo line from BergHOFF brings playful colours, pure shapes and soft textures to the kitchen. Wooden handles versus synthetic ones, soft-touch...

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