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Founded in Germany in 1923, the extensive Kuchenprofi collection is manufactured to the highest quality… practical design for the preparation and storage of food. Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Cooking Gadgets, Coffee Mills, Cutting Boards, Food Prep, Funnels, Graters, Graters Slicers & Choppers, Ladles, Peelers, Pepper Mills, Porcelain, Salt Mills, Scissors, Scoops, Spatulas, Seafood Tools, Shears, Sieves, Tongs & Utensils


KuchenprofiKüchenprofi- manufacturers of professional cooking tools & kitchen gadgets

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    Kuchenprofi tea ball

    Use this tea ball for a quick and easy way to brew tea or season soups. The attached chain and hook secures the ball to a cup or pot while the locking lever keeps the closure securely shut. Dishwasher safe, this tea ball features a fine mesh compartment made of durable stainless steel.

    5,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi 2 in 1 Vegetable Peeler

    Kuchenprofi 2 in 1 Vegetable Peeler. Peels vegetables and fruit with one tool. Razor-sharp straight blade to peel potatoes, cucumbers and apples. Serrated blade to shave thread-thin strips and decorative curls

    13,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi fine hole mini dredger

    Fill with flour or seasonings, then shake over food. Features screw-on lid with fine holes, to help control quantity.

    11,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi fishbone tweezers

    Stainless Steel Fish boning tongs. Ergonomic - great for the task in hand. Dishwasher Safe.

    6,00 €
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    Kuchenprofi fish scaler

    Practical, resistant and functional fish scaler. Easily removes scales of any size, with it's two different sets of teeth. Made of high quality stainless steel.

    10,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi mortar marble

    Mortar and pestle made of high quality marble. Resistant and with unobtrusive design.

    16,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi tea spice ball

    This fine-wire mesh herb and spice ball keeps infused items contained while you season teas, homemade stocks and soups. The attached chain and hook provides easy withdrawal, while the locking lid keeps the closure secure while submerged. Made with a durable stainless steel construction, this ball is easy to fill with spices, herbs, tea or bouquet...

    14,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi roast tongs holder

    Slice roasts, loins, and other meats with confidence while using our roast cutting tongs. Simply grasp the roast with this holder and cut in between for even slices- and no mess. Made entirely of stainless steel for a lifetime of use, these tongs Keep sharp knifes away from your fingers for safe and convenient slicing.

    28,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi mini dredger net

    Fill with flour or seasonings, then shake over food. Features screw-on lid with net, to help control quantity.

    12,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi Parma Tri-Handle Stainless Steel Cheese Plane

    The kitchen professional kitchen helper bring shine in any kitchen with its classic, elegant design and are perfectly suited to everyday use in the kitchen by the ergonomic Parma triangle handle.

    12,00 €
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    Kuchenprofi paper towel holder Deluxe

    Kuchenprofi's Deluxe Paper Towel Holder has a weighted base that won't tip over when you tear. Spring-loaded arm keeps towels tidy, then acts as a guide when you're ready to rip. Upright design takes up minimal counter space. Gleaming, weighty stainless steel holds standard and jumbo rolls.

    39,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi egg ring heart

    At your next brunch, wow your guests with heart-shaped fried eggs perched on toasted English muffins. These stick-free stainless steel egg molds sit right in your fry pan,orralling the contents for even cooking and elegant results. With a cool-touch folding handle providing easy control, these handy molds also make perfectly heart pancakes. Includes 2...

    10,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi sugar themometer

    This candy/sugar thermometer from Kuchenprofi is ideal for preparing candies, candied fruit and toffees. It is essential for making jams, marmalade and jelly. It has a temperature range of 40oC/100oF to 200oC/400oF. The thermometer has an adjustable clip on the rear of the stainless steel frame and a heat resistant handle. The thermometer should be hand...

    16,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi magnetic knife rack

    The magnetic knife rack is something that no kitchen should be without. Two strips of strong magnets are imbedded in a high-gleam stainless steel strip, holding knives perfectly in place. Once mounted by your chopping block or stove, it holds knives safely out of the way, clearing off clutter from your countertop while protecting your cutlery from being...

    24,50 €
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    Kuchenprofi fine coarse zester

    Kuchenprofi gourmet zester with fine and rough sections. Suitable for chilli, ginger, nutmeg, etc..Non-slip, foot-safe base for a safe standing position. Extremely sharp thanks to extremely modern cutting technology.

    18,00 €
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    Kuchenprofi kitchen scissors

    Kitchen shears are an essential tool for every cook. These sharp, durable shears feature a stainless-steel serrated-edge blade with a comfortable nonslip handle for right- or left-handed use. Perfect for woody-stemmed herbs, flowers, paper and twine, the built in bone-notch is also great when working with chicken.

    9,50 €
  • Kuchenprofi cooking spoon holder Kuchenprofi cooking spoon holder
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    Kuchenprofi cooking spoon holder

    Cooking spoon holder, with stainless steel frame and porcelain cup, practical and functional. Cup and cooking spoon included.

    15,00 €
  • Kuchenprofi egg ring round Kuchenprofi egg ring round
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    Kuchenprofi egg ring round

    At your next brunch, wow your guests with perfectly round fried eggs perched on toasted English muffins. These stick-free stainless steel egg rings sit right in your fry pan, corralling the contents for even cooking and elegant results. With a cool-touch folding handle providing easy control, these handy rings also make perfectly rounded pancakes....

    10,50 €