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    Lékué silicone baking mat

    A non-stick silicone baking mat for kneading and baking. You unroll it, place it on any surface you like and knead or prepare your recipes on it without the need to add flour or any other non-stick material, because the ingredients will not stick. Likewise, you can put it in the oven on any tray you like, it can withstand up to 220ºC, and food will not...

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    Lékué Mini baguette mould

    Ideal for your baguette sandwiches. Includes a gluten free bread recipe. Easy to use, the mould has optimal flexibility and stability, guaranteeing maximum safety when handling. Easy to take out of its mould and non-stick. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the...

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    Lékué Bread Maker

    Using the Lékué Bread Maker you will be able to enjoy the traditional taste of real homemade, crusty and golden bread. Weigh, knead and bake in the same container! Thanks to its versatility, you will be able to bake bread in the traditional way using just one recipient in a cleaner way, saving time and space. Its design as a partially closed bowl, allows...

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    Lékué Non Spill Roll Cake Mat

    The Roll Cake is a flexible, non-stick mat with non-spill borders, intended for pouring in the recipe ingredients and rolling them into a compact form in the shape of a typical sweet or savoury layered cake roll. The borders make it useful as a baking surface for even the most liquid recipes, with no spilling, keeping the dough while it is baked. You will...

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    Lékué Waffles mould

    Set of 2 waffle mould make 8 delicious waffles in the oven or microwave in one batch. Quick, delicious and with no messy pots or pans. Perfect for sunday morning lazy breakfast. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free platinum silicone, that ensures no risk to health or the environment, as there is no migration of the compound to food.

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  • Lékué Tarte Tatin Springform Duo Lékué Tarte Tatin Springform Duo
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    Lékué Tarte Tatin Springform Duo

    The easiest way to make a tarte tatin! The ceramic plate fits onto the silicone mould to make it easier, safer and effortless to flip the cake over. The scratch proof ceramic base is the perfect oven to tableware, with a wide border to prevent food from overflowing. Oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Instruction and recipe leaflet included....

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    Lékué 8 cookie glass moulds

    Enjoy a new way to eat cookies. Cookie Glass is a trendy biscuit from NY, created by the chef Dominique Ansel. These glass-shaped cookies allow endless fillings. Fruit, mousses, milk... Whenever it's a liquid filling you'll need to seal with chocolate, for example. The mould's innovative design has been devised to make the cookie easy to turn out. Its...

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  • Lékué Sandwich Bread Lékué Sandwich Bread
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    Lékué Sandwich Bread

    Bread is a basic food need. It is low in fat and high in fibre, it provides carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Prepare authentic Sandwich Bread at home and enjoy its traditional taste, soft texture and golden colour. Knead the ingredients in a bowl and pour into the mould. Leave to prove, bake, and enjoy your soft, home-made sandwich bread...

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  • Lékué Round Bread Rolls Lékué Round Bread Rolls
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    Lékué Round Bread Rolls

    6 bread rolls in only one bake! Enjoy home-made mini bread rolls for breakfast, snacks or to accompany your meal. The micro-perforated mould enables you cool the bread inside the mould, without the base of the bread getting wet or becoming soft. You get a crispy bread crust on all sides. Includes delicious bread recipes, even a gluten free one!...

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  • Lékué Non-spill Baking Sheet Lékué Non-spill Baking Sheet
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    Lékué Non-spill Baking Sheet

    Non spill baking sheet ideal to prepare Swiss Roll cakes and other roll cakes. Easy baking thanks to its edges which keep the dough in while it is baked. You will obtain a perfect 40x30 cm rectangular base. The baking sheet elasticity is ideal to roll the baked dough up and get a perfect Swiss roll. Versatible, the baking sheet is used during the whole...

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  • Lékué Macaron Mat Lékué Macaron Mat
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    Lékué Macaron Mat

    Silicone baking sheet with marks and edges to make French macarons. It takes advantage of space in the oven and ensures the macarons are perfectly shaped and the same size. Practical, you obtain 24 macarons (48 halves) with one baking sheet. Easy recipes designed specifically for the baking sheet and available on the web. Manufactured in bisphenol-A free...

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  • Lékué 6 mini bread mould Lékué 6 mini bread mould
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    Lékué 6 mini bread mould

    Prepare home-made mini breads with the ingredients you desire. The Lékué Mini Bread mould makes up to 6 buns in a single bake, the dough is perfectly baked which result in a crunchy texture and golden finish. Includes recipes for bread. Just put in the dough so the bread will come out the perfect shape for appetizers that will surprise your guests. Made...

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