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    OXO Good Grips Herb and Kale Stripping

    Quickly and efficiently strip parsley, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, oregano and tarragon leaves from their stems with the OXO Good Grips Herb & Kale Stripping Comb. Use the flat side to push and gather herbs before chopping and any of the four specially designed holes along the body to strip kale, chard, collards or other leafy greens with a simple pull.The...

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    Microplane Herb Mill 2 in 1

    Cuts efficiently fresh leafy herbs like parsley, cilantro, sage and mint. The dual action blades cut herbs without bruising or blemishing. Integrated striper with 3 graduated sizes to gently remove leaves of stemmed herbs like rosemary and thyme. Blades made from long-lasting, ultra sharp, high quality stainless steel. Body in plastic. Ideal for...

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    BergHOFF Multi-blade scissors with brush

    Five blades to simplify chopping and for keeping delicate herbs intact. The brush not only efficiently cleans the blades, it’s also useful for gathering the very last pieces of herbs. The non-slip handles offer extra safety. Great for chopping all types of herbs. Stainless steel blades, polypropylene and TPR handles and brush.

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  • Joseph Joseph Gusto flavour infusing spoon Joseph Joseph Gusto flavour infusing spoon
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    Joseph Joseph Gusto flavour infusing spoon

    Stir extra flavour into your cooking with this clever infusing spoon- perfect for adding whole herbs and spices without having to find and remove them after cooking. If you’re making a soup, stew or curry and want to add herbs and spices such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and star anise without fishing them out later, Gusto is the answer. Simply...

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  • Gefu Ginger Grater Gefu Ginger Grater
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    Gefu Ginger Grater

    Ralador de cerâmica japonesa, com dentes muito duros e afiados para um óptimo resultado. Ervas e legumes, como gengibre, noz-moscada, alho, maçãs, cenouras ou rabanetes transformam-se numa polpa pastosa. Não escorrega por causa das bordas de silicone. Lavável na máquina de lavar.

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  • Lékué HerbStick Lékué HerbStick
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    Lékué HerbStick

    Lékué's HerbStick is a spice rack to have the herbs always ready for seasoning. Save the exceed of herbs after cooking or just prepare a mix for future use, and preserve them for an immediate use at any moment. How to use it: grate directly on something ready for eating, cut a slice for melting directly on a pan before fry the meat, fish or something, or...

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  • BergHOFF LEO Herb cutter set BergHOFF LEO Herb cutter set
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    BergHOFF LEO Herb cutter set

    The set of a half-moon cutter which beautifully fits the concave surface of the bamboo board makes chopping and mincing herbs a real pleasure. The cutter features four graduated holes for stripping leaves from stemmed herbs: simply insert the stem of rosemary, thyme and other herbs, pull them through and their leaves are collected on the board. Now they...

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