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    Joie MSC Wine Aerator

    Bring out the flavor of your wine as you serve it. Clever design for aerating wine, maintains outstanding taste and quality.

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    Le Creuset Cooler Sleeve

    Chill your wine or sparkling wine in style with this great Cooler Sleeve.Very efficient, it cools your wine in just a few minutes and keeps it cold for hours.

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    Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Luxe Lounge Boston Cocktail Shaker

    This stylish cocktail shaker is perfect for shaking and serving a range of exquisite cocktails. Features clearly marked fl/ml measurements and cocktail recipes on the outside, ideal for making your favourite cocktails. Recipes include Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Pina Colada and Mai Tai. Luxe Lounge from Bar Craftb the art deco...

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    Kitchen Craft BarCraft Foil Wine Pourers

    This pack of three fold up foil wine pourers will quickly become one of your favourite kitchen accessories! Simply fold and pop into bottles to pour wine without the worry of dripping or spilling any wine. Everyday essentials for the bar at home, BarCraft offers a selection of bar essentials to bring the fun inside your home. Covering wine, cocktails,...

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    Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool

    Perfect for avid cooks and cocktail enthusiasts, the Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool perfectly zests oranges, lemons, limes and other types of citrus fruits, and can also be used to create gourmet-style garnishes and delicate peels to top dishes and beverages. With soft touch ergonomic handles, it's long-lasting, ultra sharp, and made from high quality...

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    OXO Good Grips Melon Baller

    The OXO Good Grips Melon Baller has two stainless steel heads for making melon balls in different sizes. The soft, slim handle is comfortable to grip and makes it easy to turn the melon baller around as you use both size heads. OXO Good Melon Baller is ideal for fruit salads and garnishes and is also handy for creating small, colourful scoops of sorbet...

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    Kitchen Craft Bar Craft 700ml Glass Boston Cocktail Shaker

    Impress your guests by serving delicious cocktails using this stylish Boston cocktail shaker with stainless steel cup, collar and lid and a contrasting glass base. Features handy mix-to the-line cocktail recipe markings on the outside, ideal for making your favourite cocktails. Recipes include Martini Dry, Rob Roy, Red Lion, Manhattan, Bronx and Vodka Dry.

    25,00 €
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    Mastrad Set of 12 Assorted Colours Glass Markers

    Attach these coloured glass markers to the neck or the base of glasses so as not to mix the glasses up during drinks or a cocktail party. Sold in set of 12 assorted colours.

    8,00 €
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    Mastrad Cocktail Picks

    Mastrad Cocktail Picks. 12 picks for garnishing and serving olives, canapés and cocktail snacks, Reusable and hygenic. Practical, dispenser box for storing the picks

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  • Keep it Cool da Korko Keep it Cool da Korko
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    Keep it Cool da Korko

    Keep it Cool from Korko is a wine cooler made from agglomerated cork and ceramic and is cool for various reasons. is a wine cooler made from agglomerated cork and ceramic and is cool for various reasons. There is also a place for a cork stopper should you wish to close your bottle again and thereby ensuring the wine retains its original properties. Cool!

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    Berghoff water carafe

    Berghoff water carafe. Water and other drinks, always at their best in this carafe. Even when infused water is a favourite, go ahead and prepare naturally avoured water with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. The mechanism opens when pouring and allows the water to flow into a glass but all other elements stay in the carafe.

    65,00 €
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    Berghoff aerator wine carafe

    Berghoff aerator wine carafe. This carafe features an aerator which works ef ciently in a matter of minutes. Aerators are prefect for setting all of those delicate aromas free, enabling the wine’s avours to be enjoyed to the full. Here’s the clever bit; the aerator mixes wine with air not once but twice. Simply pour the wine into the funnel where the rst...

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    Berghoff tea carafe

    Berghoff tea carafe. Pour hot water in to the heat-resistant carafe, fill the tubular infuser with loose leaves to prepare a delicious carafe of tea. Simply stir to enhance the taste. Thanks to the fine filter, tealeaves stay in the carafe and not in the cup.

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    Berghoff cooling carafe

    Berghoff cooling carafe. On the rocks redefined: fill the tube with water, pre-chill until frozen and place into the carafe. Always cooled drinks without a diluted taste!

    64,50 €
  • Kitchen Craft Bar Craft Lock In Large Tin Beer Pail-Cooler

    This large tin beer pail is perfect for filling with ice to keep a variety of drinks bottles and cans cool this summer. Featuring large side handles for easy carrying and the word 'Beer' on the front, this pail is ideal for parties and gatherings. Designed to co-ordinate with the other items in Bar Craft's Lock In collection for all beer, cider and lager...

    43,00 €
  • Magimix Le Blender

    Liquificadora da Magimix. O Blender tem 5 pré programas: sobremesas, gelo, sopas, smoothies e limpeza. Com uma grande potência silenciosa, 1300W permite preparar alimentos com uma textura cremosa. O copo de vidro é termoresistente tem 1,8L de capacidade. Inclui livro com receitas.   General features   Power...

    200,00 €