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What are cookies?

"Cookies" are data that a Web site sends to your computer while viewing the site. These data files include information that allows our site to remember important information, that can make your navigation on the site more effective and useful. Our site uses "cookies" for several reasons. We use "cookie" technology and IP addresses to obtain non-personal information from online visitors, and also to provide registered visitors with the best possible personalized online experience.

How do we use cookies?

Visitors of our site use different browsers and different computers. In order to make easier the most of your queries with the technology you use, we automatically keep track of the type of query browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) and (Windows, Macintosh) operating system used by a visitor, as well as the domain name of the Internet service provider entity visitor. We also track the total number of visitors to our site in an aggregate form to allow us to update it and improve it in the most productive way; in this process are not taken personal identifiable information. These data allow us to know if more visitors prefer certain features or areas, helping us keep our site fresh and interesting for most of our visitors. We also use "cookies" to help prevent young children may have access to certain areas or features intended only for adults or older teens.

How we use cookies to customize your experience on our site?

"Cookie" technology helps us deliver tailored content to a visitor's interests. Sites that offer online shopping use "cookies" to remember and process the items listed in your shopping cart. When permitted, we may associate personal information with a "cookie" file in such circumstances.

Manage cookies

If you do not wish to receive "cookies", you can configure your computer to notify you when you receive a "cookie" or disable all "cookies" through your browser (eg, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). (See the Help menu of your browser to learn the correct way to change or update the "cookies"). If you disable "cookies" may be unable to access some of the functions above. Through the browser settings, you can have some control over most cookies. You can also manage the cookies in your client account.

For more information about cookies, including know were cookies where installed and how they can be managed and disposed, click here. If you do not want Google Analytics to detect your visits to web sites, click here.

List of cookies

The following is a list of cookies configured and used by Mimocook, including detailed information about the purpose for which each cookie is used. We will update this list whenever we make changes to the shopping experience on our websites. We reserve the right to occasionally add, delete or change the cookies that the website uses. We will update this page as cookies are being changed on this website. Although we intend to update this page regularly, some cookies may occasionally be missing from the list.

Strictly necessary

Cookies which are indispensable for use of the website. This cookies do not store any personal data.

Name Cookie Expire Description
Site PrestaShop-xxxxxxxx 20 dias Cookie that stores information of language, currency, products in the shopping cart and also that website visitors do not have to confirm their cookie preferences again at each new page or new visit.


Functional cookies record information about choices that you have made, and they also allow us to tailor the website to suit your needs.

Name Cookie Expire Description
Chat Apoio Cliente ssupp.vid 150 dias Cookie to use customer support chat.
Chat Apoio Cliente ssupp.chatid sessão Cookie to use customer support chat.


Cookies that help us to understand our website visitors so that we can improve our website, products, services and marketing efforts.

Name Cookie Expire Description
Google Analitics _ga 2 anos Analyzing website usage so we can better understand our website visitors, to improve our website, products, services and marketing efforts. Google stores information like visitor's location, visited pages and time spent on website. Read more about this cookies here. Domains used by Google to store cookies:,,
Google Analitics _gid 24h Used to distinguish users.
Google Analitics _gat 1 minuto Used to throttle request rate.

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